Optical, copper cable and wireless network infrastructure building, also for high bandwidth networks. We have modern tools for every task.

We currently have the most advanced optical networking toolkit in Békés county, because of this we can offer optical cable installation, termination and splicing.
We can offer entire network rack installations as well, with moving, cabling and device configuration.

    Our optical equipment:
  • Sumitomo Type-39 Splicer

    FastCat Technology, dual heating system
    All optical fiber types supported

  • AUA-6C Cleaver

    Flawless cutting performance, high precision

  • OFW Optical Power Meter

    -50~+30dBm measuring range
    Adapters for all optical connector types

Complete installation of optical and copper based networks

Device configuration

Premium Maintenance service

Redundant Power Supply installation and service

Security system building

    Our copper cabling equipment:
  • Ethernet Tester Device

    Integrated cable quality, PoE, bandwidth checking

  • AMPCOM Ethernet Crimper Pliers

    Guaranteed crimping due to built-in ratchet.

  • AMPCOM Coax Splitter

    Used for really low resistance connections.

Server Rack 1
Server Rack 1