Welcome to OS Networks

We provide solutions for your custom software needs, network building and for service hosting.

dashboardWeb Development

Developing user-oriented, easy to use web-based systems, both for business and consumer usage.
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP based systems


Optical, copper cable and wireless network infrastructure building, also for high bandwidth networks. We have modern tools for every task.

codeSoftware Development

Multiplatform software development for multiple operating systems and device types. Low-level programming, also for specific hardware.


Hosting of your website or other web service on our servers. Our servers are cost efficient and have high bandwidth and uptime.

devices_otherHardware Development

Designing, creating and programming custom hardware devices. Custom PCB etching and construction via SMT technology.

precision_manufacturingCustom Manufacturing

We can manufacture your product and it's prototypes according to your needs with our 3D printers and CNC machines.

listCurrent Projectsmore_vert

An Industry 4.0 wireless inventory management solution
oil_barrelHardTFM Core
A Total Fluid Management system encompassing the entire lubricant management cycle, designed for Industry 4.0
sensorsHardTFM Sensors
Fully automatic lubricant sample collecting and analytics for Industry 4.0, utilizing industrial sensors and real-time data collection
A fully modular system designed for high precision small-distance speed measurements via optical sensor modules.
eventLegacy Projects
Most legacy projects were archived, but there are still some that are maintained. They are available on the main projects page.

packageProduct Tracking

You can track your product's manufacturing progress and shipment details from here.
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All of the services currently hosted are available from the dashboard. Displayed services are based on access level.


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