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Welcome to Oliszerver - maintained by Oliver Paroczai

This site is used for multiple, mainly security based projects. Most of our projects get released under either GPLv3 or Creative Commons CC0.
Everyone is free to contribute or pentest, and there are voluntary rewards available for both.

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vpn_keyProject Sierra
Project is confidental until 2022.10.20. -224 days left
vpn_keyProject Lancer
Successor to Project Sierra. Project is confidental until completed. ETA: -203 days
bookProject Element Mk.2
Successor to Mk.1 of the project. A project for making tasks related to education easier to access and operate.
homeProject Safehouse
A project for increasing the security of both active and passive home security systems. All documents and code were released under GNU GPLv3 on the official git* server
eventLegacy Projects
Most legacy projects were archived, but there are still some that are maintained. They are available on the main projects page.


All of the services currently hosted are available from the dashboard. Displayed services are based on access level.


We keep statistics on all our current projects. To check them out, click on the button below.